Today on Episode 3 of 2 Dropped Tables we discuss the latest wikileaks Vault7 release ‘Pandemic’ and how this recently leaked CIA tool spreads infected files across an organization’s network.

Cloud based single sign on service OneLogin suffered a breach where user passwords and decryption keys were stolen.  We discuss how businesses can improve the vetting of their cloud partners and weather it is a good idea to put all of your eggs in a cloud authentication basket.

Lastly each of our hosts provide their top 3 things that home computer users can do to better secure their environment and their private information.

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Today on 2 Dropped Tables, Episode 002, we talk about PI breaches within corporate and government environments.  Are companies doing enough to protect your information? And what can you do?

Also, Biometrics – Fingerprints and Iris Scans. With more and more devices using this popular method of authentication what are the security risks involved? And how can you keep your sensitive data safe?

Finally, Fake News.  How can we determine what’s real, and what’s not? Are world governments using social media to spread their agendas?  Are they taking advantage of social circles to enhance believability of these articles?

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