Today on 2 Dropped Tables, Episode 002, we talk about PI breaches within corporate and government environments.  Are companies doing enough to protect your information? And what can you do?

Also, Biometrics – Fingerprints and Iris Scans. With more and more devices using this popular method of authentication what are the security risks involved? And how can you keep your sensitive data safe?

Finally, Fake News.  How can we determine what’s real, and what’s not? Are world governments using social media to spread their agendas?  Are they taking advantage of social circles to enhance believability of these articles?

Show Notes:

PI Incidents within mega corporations 

Chipolte just had a breach, Home Depot had one, US Government Personnel Dept, etc.  All these big corporations are storing your private data yet what measures are they taking to secure it?

Bio-metric Authentication

Most mobile devices have some sort of bio-metric authentication these days.  Industry argues its a safer way to protect the sensitive data on your device but how secure is it?  Researchers have now hacked the iris scanner on the Samsung S8 so how easy is it to do?

Fake News

There seems to be more and more indication that Russia has had a hand in influencing media and news to the west via fake news or alteration of actual information.  Did they affect the US election?


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