Today on 2 dropped tables and a microphone the boys discuss Putin and Trump forming a cyber-security team to thwart election hacking. Is this for real, or just a media ploy? How much trust can the public put in something like this and will anything meaningful come out of it?

Next, Two Factor Authentication is a mess. Or is it really? With so many available options out there which ones are actually going to safeguard your online presence and which are ones to stay away from? Are people getting the message when it comes to protecting themselves online? Or are businesses checking the box to get 2FA up and running and not doing their due diligence in development?

Finally, the Petya ransomware. It looks like another ransomware out in the wild, and this time it seems to be mostly for malicious reasons and not financial gain. The guys discuss the latest one to drop and what is coming in the future. Ukraine was hit hard and we wonder if these lesser known targets in these types of countries are breeding grounds for something bigger.

So grab your drink, and join us for all these exciting topics and more!

Topic 1 – Putin and Trump to form cyber security team to thwart election hacking, if there is any…

Is this just a media ploy or is this the beginning of something interesting?  How much trust can the public put in something like this and will there be any meaningful outcomes from this type of joint effort?


Topic 2 – Two Factor Authentication is a mess

Discuss the options available, which ones work well, which ones don’t?  Should everyone have a hardware solution to authenticate?

Banks are major holdouts, at least in Canada, why is this?  Should the average consumer be worried?

What are some alternatives to using these software based solutions?

Topic 3 – Petya Ransonware–preventive-measures/34212/

What we know, what it does, who has been hit, what is the solution/fix

Ukraine was hit hard recently and experts found a backdoor in a M.E.Doc update – seems pretty slick of a way to spread ransomware…

This one seemed more malicious than purely financial gain.

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