On this episode we discuss Accuweather and other mobile applications sending private data to advertisers, Hacking road signs and the Gazer backdoor.

Topic 1 – Popular Apps Sending Private Data

Popular apps such as the AccuWeather app send private data about the user including their location back to the company. This has been going on for a long time now and companies like Google make money off of your data. What are the consequences of this and how do we deal with these issues?


Topic 2 – Hacking Road Signs For Fun

Portable road signs are easy targets for hackers and can be used either for fun or can cause a lot of damage as drivers may be distracted or not know what is going on ahead of them.


Topic 3 – Gazer Backdoor Trojan Targeting Embassies and Other Institutions Worldwide

The Gazer backdoor trojan is a new strain of malware that is targeting embassies, ministries and other government institutions worldwide. This malware is being used by the Turla hacking group to acquire intelligence. 


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